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It is the joy of every person to have naturally healthy teeth. However, this is not the case in most circumstances but with some information from a book titled Cure Tooth Decay: Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition, which advises on how to limit and minimize Dental surgery and fluoride use, one can be motivated to achieve this naturally.

The book which got a rating of 5-stars after 229 customer reviews, was authored by Ramiel Nagel, an international author who featured in Nexus magazine and Townsend letter for doctors and patients during his extensive research on tooth decay. The book was published by Golden Child publishers in 2009 and its 2nd edition done in 2010 by CreateSpace Independent publishing platform.

The original edition of the book features a natural heath care oriented parent who is shocked to discover that his daughter’s teeth are decaying amid what he considers as a healthy diet. This father is informed that his daughter’s decaying teeth could be extracted under a general anesthetic, he becomes motivated to search for a better method to address the dental decay problem.

He extensively searches for solutions which end up for him being told that he too has developed four cavities. This changes his personal mission into a mission with an objective of changing the faulty pattern of present dental practice. He claims that ever since early ages, people have blamed evil spirits for their health cries, and courtesy of the germ theory by Louis Pasteur, that evil spirits have been replaced by the concept of bacterial invasion. However, both doctrines drive us into a belief that we are helpless victims of circumstance. We have given power to overcome our general health to physicians and power to overcome our dental and oral health to dental professions as a result when the solutions lie in our own hands, getting Teeth Whitening Bristol s best treatment will help with some problems of staining. The inquiries made him research the very old works of D Melvin Page MD and Dr Weston Price DDs and others so as to reinstate their findings.

Stacy M is one of the customers who reviewed this book. She claims that she had noticed some deterioration in her teeth, she searched online for anyone who knew more about healing teeth and through this book, she came face to face with that kind information. She adds on that the book provoked her through Ramiel’s message to vegetarians for she had been one of them for fifteen years. To her the book was very helpful since the author had set down a dietary procedure that aimed at healing teeth, which Dr Price never did.

Another reviewer states that the book has saved her daughters smile as he concludes the interesting review of the book, more than 400 customer reviews reveal how the book is helpful through its information, I can as well urge you to try it and you will never regret.

Book Review- Close Protection: A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation

Close Protection: A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation” is an excellent book written by Richard J. Aitch. This book is written superbly with a clear and feasible approach. To be honest, I hate reading books. Only books which are content driven, very engaging and have a good flow can attract me. In this case, “Close Protection: A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation” did its job very well.

Close ProtectionA Close Observation Of The Protection Equation 215x300 Book Review  Close Protection: A Closer Observation of the Protection EquationBook Review- Close Protection: A Closer Observation of the Protection Equation

This book is entirely based on body guarding. Body guarding is a very critical topic to cover. Hats off to Richard J. Aitch for converting this critical topic into an interesting one successfully. In Hollywood movies, it is seen that bodyguards look like hulks and lack knowledge. They are good at hovering over places holding guns. But is it necessary for a real bodyguard to be like the ones shown in movies? Well, movies are movies. These are not reality. Reality is entirely different from movies, be that a romantic movie or an action one. So in maximum case, reality is just the opposite of movies. So what does this book say about a bodyguard? Well, this sheer sized book discusses all the explanations of close protection industry and covers every single details that this industry involves. With 566 pages and 33 chapters, this book shows the reality of closed security industry and helps the people to know more about this industry who are thinking of being a part of this elitist profession. From training, fitness to how to react to certain situation- every single think is amazingly described in this book. In short, this is the bible for the people related to closed security industry.

The aim of this book is to provide valuable information regarding body guarding. I’ll definitely suggest to buy this book as I believe, no one can stop himself once he starts reading it. It’s undoubtedly catchy. So, give it a try now!

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